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July: Composting

“The earth is the Lord’s and all that is in it; the world and all who dwell therein" (Psalm 24:1)


July's Action item is


Decaying food (process minus oxygen) in landfills produces methane – a powerful greenhouse gas, 84 times more damaging than carbon dioxide. Solution? Compost that food! Composting adds in oxygen to the process and produces nutrient-rich soil. Compost added to gardens retain water, produce healthier plants and can even pull carbon dioxide out of the air (a process called carbon sequestration)! It’s Earth’s finest form of recycling.




​Video: Composting with Peppa Pig, 2013, Astley Baker Davis Productions

Composting and Mulching: A Guide to Managing Organic Yard Wastes, Rosen, Carl J.; Halbach, Thomas R.; Mugaas, Robert (St. Paul, MN: University of Minnesota Extension Service, 2000)



Restoring God's Earth is used with permission from Zero Waste Church, Some content has been modified by Crown of Glory. 


Week 1

  • Freeze food scraps for composting.

  • Find or rent a kitchen compost container.

Week 2

  • Build or buy a composting bin.

  • Feed the compost bin.

  • Find a compost pick-up service or check with your trash hauler to see if they offer a composting service.

Week 3

  • Add something new to your compost.

  • Start composting yard waste.

Week 4

  • Encourage neighbors or friends to compost.

  • Inspire others to compost by sharing your composting journey.

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