Our Landscape Ministry focuses on maintaining and improving our church grounds.

This includes the lawn, flower beds, shrubs and trees.


The Landscape Team completed various projects this year. Thank you to all committee members and volunteers who helped organize and work on the landscape projects.

If you are interested in joining this ministry,
please contact Mat Youngman via the church office,

Tree Memorial Video

Landscape Ministry 


Time, Talents & Tasks Ministry 

This ministry focuses on building tasks that need to be completed.  We take care of every day (and no so every day) tasks that benefit the building and grounds. Call or text Bob Chinnock at 612-710-5269 or email at:   bobchinnock@mchsi.com if you are interested in helping with building.

If you know of any skilled tradesmen who might be willing to donate their time and talent, let us know. Do you have additional ideas or tasks that need to be addressed?  Let us know.