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Creation Care

Caring for God's Creation Through Environmental Stewardship

2023: Restoring God's Earth

When we think about the plant, the solar system, the world as we know it, and as we
learn more, and learn how much we don't know, it is easy to feel incredibly small.

When we hear of our world changing, climate changing, biosystems changing, animal

species becoming extinct, it is hard to imagine how one person's action, one person's

act of faith could possibly make a difference.

Mother Teresa said once, "There are no great things; only small things with great love."
She also said of herself, I'm but a little pencil in the hand of a writing God who is
sending a love letter to the world." 

What if there was something we could do? What if there were a series of small acts
of faith, small practices, new habits we could start that did make a difference in care
and concern for God's creation?  Would you do it? 

Each month we will focus on one theme with several small actions and habits you can
introduce into your life. These themes have been shown, and we have faith, that they
will indeed make a change to the ways we treat creation and the effects of human 
behavior on creation.  We are calling this process: 

Restoring God's Earth
A Year of Personal Action 

Each month we will focus on a new theme, and each week we will offer several
practical suggestions for you to try out. We invite you to be God's pencil in the world. 

Click on the month to view the theme page. Be sure to check back each month.






Upcoming Creation Care Team Events:

  • Spring Highway Clean-up on May 6.  Click here for more details. 


100% Renewable Energy

Crown of Glory is enrolled in a 100% renewable energy program.  Clean Energy Choice is offered by the City of Chaska Electric Utility and is an important part of caring for God’s creation. If you are a Chaska resident, check out the program for your home.

Want to Learn More or Need Resources?


Check out these resources to learn more about the recycling and organics program at Crown of Glory:

Carver County offers great information on how you can implement reduce, reuse, and recycle practices.

(link: ).

Click the link to see what the Minneapolis Synod is doing with the “Faith and Clean Energy Campaign."

Want to get involved?  


The more help we have, the bigger impact we can have.  
To join the Creation Care Team, help out with a project or just come to see what we are working on,
 please contact Pastor Laura. 

The earth is the Lord's, and all that is in it; the world and all who dwell therein.  (Psalm 24:1)

Download a 
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