Church Facility Use

Anyone wishing to use the Church facilities should contact the Church office initially by phoning 952-448-3230 or by email at crownofglorychaska@gmail.com. All requests for facilities use begin with the completion of the “Facility Use Request Form” available by in the Church office, by email request, or click on the button above to view and download the document. 


Completed forms can be dropped off or emailed to the Church office administrator. A fee schedule will apply.

Crown of Glory will be unavailable to outside groups on Wednesdays after 3 p.m. and Sunday mornings until 12 p.m. so that Church worship and events may take place without interruption or scheduling conflicts. Please take these restrictions into account when planning your event. 


"Task Team: Talent, Time & Tasks"

This ministry focuses on building tasks that need to be completed.  We take care of every day (and no so every day) tasks that benefit the building and grounds. Call or text Bob Chinnock at 612-710-5269 or e-mail Bob at: bobchinnock@mchsi.com if you are interested in helping with building.

If you know of any skilled tradesmen who might be willing to donate their time and talent, let us know. Do you have additional ideas or tasks that need to be addressed?  Let us know.

Expansion Facts & Figures
  • This expansion is the largest build and renovation in the 48 year history of Crown of Glory.

  • This is the third renovation and completion of the master plan for the current location.

  • The expansion has doubled the capacity/footprint of the building.

  • The Sanctuary has been increased by 35%.

  • The Fellowship hall has more than doubled in size and features a beautiful view of the river valley.

  • The Emmaus Learning Center is the new home of Preschool Place, which has also doubled in size to four classrooms.

  • And there is room for additional growth in the new lower level of the Emmaus Learning Center.