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Member Care

Caring Hands

“Caring Hands” reaches out to our congregational community at significant times in their lives, both joyous and difficult, to provide support and to let them know our congregation is praying, thinking and here for them.


Most calls are simple--dropping off a meal or treat or mailing a card or making a phone call to help celebrate a joyous occasion (new baby!) or provide support for a difficult time (surgery recovery or serious illness, etc.). It may also include providing transportation assistance for medical appointments or small errands.


Contact: Pastor Reggie if you are interested in learning more or joining this ministry. Timing is flexible and typically less than 2 hours/month.

Pastoral Care

If you have pastoral needs such as baptisms, hospital visits, marriage preparation, times of stress, transition or grief, please don't hesitate to contact Pastor Reggie Klindworth or Pastor Laura Laughlin.

For more information about baptisms, click here.

For more information about weddings, click here.

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