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Fall Social & 2017 Silent Auction

Thank You

The Events Committee would like to take this opportunity to thank those who took part in the Fall Social on October 13, 2017.  This event was as successful as it was for many reasons, to mention a few:

  • All our members that donated auction items and worked with local businesses to procure items for our auction. We had such a vast selection of amazing items to bid on!

  • All of our members who attended the event and took part in the auction or just carved out a Friday evening to come and socialize with such an amazing group of people.

  • Our decoration committee, without you this event would not have come to life as beautifully as it did!

We raised $12,000 towards carpeting for the church. Thank you to everyone that drove the success of the event.


If you were not able to join the fun at the Fall Social, and still would like to be a part of the cause, you can be a "Flooring Angel" by donating.  Estimates for carpeting and flooring are currently being pursued to gauge what we need and associated costs.  If you are interested in directing a donation for this, just drop your envelope labeled "Flooring Angel" to the basket or office.

You can view some of the pictures on CoG's Facebook page.

Thank you,

Events Committee:
Steve Curtis, Carol Hauck, Lori Robinson, Jenn Seefeldt, and Kathy Tinker


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