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Traveling Murals

During the month of December, Crown of Glory is honored to display three beautiful one-of-a-kind murals crafted in a unique glass mosaic.  Inspired by Indigenous values to care and nurture our land, these panels were commissioned for the 2019 Minneapolis Area Synod Assembly. They were created by the Semilla Center for Healing and the Arts at St. Paul’s Lutheran in south Minneapolis.


Semilla means seed in Spanish, and the center works to plant seeds of hope by teaching and creating public art that can help make the community healthier, safer, and more beautiful.  For more information on the ministry of the Semilla Center, visit, or follow them on Face Book, Twitter and Instagram: Semilla Center.

The public is welcome to stop in and view this artwork during the business hours of 9:00 am - 5:00 pm (masks required).

The panel “Food For All” is the call to end world hunger.  The images reflect the Three Sisters that native peoples planted together: corn, beans, and squash.  It is a planting that naturally calls to cooperation.  As in nature, we are all one; we are all in this world together.


The middle panel was created by attendees of the assembly, under the direction of Pr. Luisa Cabello Hansel, Artistic Director of Semilla and co-pastor at St. Paul’s.  It shows the unity of the church with our Creator, the creation and one another.

The panel “Love the Earth” shows native flowers of Minnesota, which attract pollinators needed for life: butterflies, bees, hummingbirds.  Under the earth, you can see a different kind of pollinator: bugs and animals that help create the soil that nourishes all of us.

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