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How to Talk about Racial Justice

You want to engage in dialogue with friends and family. But where should you start?

Faith in Minnesota researched the messages that are most successful in addressing racial and economic justice. They found that the key to cross-racial solidarity is to mobilize around the connections between racial divisions and economic hardship. Their data supports tackling racism from a "divide-and-conquer" approach. Together, we can eliminate the structures that sow distrust, undermine belief in government, and cause economic pain for everyone, regardless of race.

The same group also found that the principle of fairness and the Golden Rule--treating others the way we want to be treated--was the most successful way to address racial and economic justice issues.

Our own Justice and Inclusion Team is also a wonderful resource for those who wish to start having these important conversations.

Here are a few of our suggestions:

Find a winning narrative

Our strength comes from our ability to be there for each other.

Incorporate elements of a successful message

Use words and beliefs rooted in unity and shared values.

Use words that work

Try these phrases:

People of different races

People from different places

Tenth generation


Instead of:

All people

All lives



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