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Pray for Peace and Justice

The trial of Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin, accused of murdering George Floyd, begins today, March 29, 2021.

What can you, a part of the Crown of Glory community do to help secure peace and justice?

The Justice and Inclusion Team encourages you to spend five minutes each day in prayer. Pray for our community, including all people involved with the trial. Pray for people commuting to and from Minneapolis every day. Pray for those who work in the courthouse, for the Minneapolis mayor and city council members. Pray for members of the National Guard, police officers, those in solidarity with Black Lives Matter. Pray for all marginalized communities, especially Black families. Pray for the Floyd family, for the Chauvin Family, for your Crown of Glory family, and for your own family.

We pray that our creator God holds us in the palm of God's hand. We pray for calm during this incredibly difficult and challenging time in our community and our nation. We pray for peace, no matter the outcome. We pray that Christ’s redeeming love warms hearts and helps all to see and hear their neighbors. We pray for discernment for the jurors, attorneys, and the judge. We pray that God moves us to love one another as we were first loved.

Please join Crown of Glory's Justice and Inclusion Team from wherever you are as we pray daily. We also invite you to join us inside this virtual prayer tent at 8:00 CDT every morning. This initiative, sponsored by The Center for Leadership and Neighborhood Engagement seeks to join people of all faiths together in prayer so that they may become more powerful forces in their own neighborhoods.

The power pf prayer is mighty, wherever you are.


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