2020 Vacation Bible School


Together we will explore our theme: From generation to generation.

     $40 for 1/2 Day                    $80 for Full Day




Recap of 2019 VBS

by Gretchen Pierskalla, Director of Children's Ministries

How was VBS?  


Thank you for asking! It was amazing, awesome, fun, and transforming - not only for the kids, but for me as well!


The theme we explored together was "Transformed Community" based on Romans 12:2~ and it actually happened! God was at work with the awesome teamwork of our counselors from Green Lake Lutheran Ministries (Madelyn, Demi, Madison, and Bliss), our CoG Junior Counselors and triple A adult volunteers:  who were Authentic, Available, Affirming! God was transforming us from people who were just showing up, or were brought there -transformed by giving up individual resistance to full participation and engagement with the bible studies, games, activities, and worship! What does that look like? Early on in the week there are kids who would say, "I don't want to do this", in their words or actions. Later in the week, a camper who was registered for 1/2 day signed up for the full day, there were fewer who wander away or have side conversations and the singing and repeat after me games and silly songs got louder and more fully engaged by campers, Junior counselors, and adults. By the end, there were kids who wanted VBS to last all summer! "Where can I learn about God and Jesus?" That is fun too!


How does transformed community happen? 


Part of it is a mystery - because God is in it - and part of it was kinetic -  like a spark ignited that moved among us and caught flame! Part of it was the enthusiasm of the counselors, inviting us into worship, and showing us how to praise God and have fun at the same time! (Kids love worship!) In bible studies having opportunity to hear about God’s activity in the world through Jesus, and then explore those themes from the biblical stories for a whole day through the games and crafts and other activities. To use an image of baptism - we were fully immersed in the water of God's word - growing together in faith! 


Part of it was leadership styles combined and converged to create cohesive community. Counselors (leading from the front) gave of themselves their spark of energy and enthusiasm and invited campers and junior counselors become part of it in the back and forth way of teaching and leading a conversational way. Junior counselors (leading from the middle) adding the spark of their energy and joy as examples for each other and the campers in their own lively participation. Along with campers who were the early adapters to this way of being together (also leading from the middle) sparked those who were not sure they were ready to fully engage, and I (leading from behind) lifting up and calling out the gifts each brought to the whole experience. It was beautiful!


Another part of how this happened was the prayers and participation of the congregation in the ways you support Children's Ministry! Thank you! 


Setting aside my busyness, to enter into worship and Bible Study and craft with the campers and counselors, put me closer to the action. From this place of proximity, I could better see these servant leaders grow in their leadership and teamwork together. They were amazing! It was beautiful to behold! Letting go of my own “looking good” I was able participate in their growth in ways that were also  growth-full and life giving for me and I was transformed! Early on I was wondering if VBS still had value for our congregation. The participation has been dropping off, volunteers have been harder to find, and the administrative details are not life giving for me. But I believe God is at work in and through the details and people that create camp experiences for sharing faith and life together. And God came through to affirm my conviction yet again this year!   


Relationships were formed through shared experiences. That is how faith is passed on - through loving relationships experiencing God together and sharing in the journey!


Thanks for being part of what got created at VBS! Thank you for your partnership in sharing the gospel!! 

Gretchen Pierskalla, Director, Children's Ministries

$80 (2020 price) per child (full day), for ages 3 through 5th Grade (completed). Children must be potty-trained by June 1.  Registration closes June 10.

VBS will be hosted at Crown of Glory Monday through Thursday—9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., and Friday—9:00 a.m. to Noon with a closing program; parents are welcome to attend.  

Programing for preschool children will be from 9am-noon. Middle school and High school (6th-12th grade) youth are encouraged to participate as a Junior Counselors throughout the week! We love to have you! Adult assistant counselors and host homes are also needed.


What you need to know...

The program is for:


  • Ages - Children age 3 (child must be potty trained) by 6/1/2019 through those who have completed Grade 5. Parents should be available to stay in the building for the beginning if child has problems separating.

  • Preschool or Elementary - Depending on your child's age and if they have attended Preschool but not Kindergarten, they will be placed in the Preschool group.

  • Friends are WELCOME! You do not need to be a member of Crown of Glory to attend. Pass along a registration form or the link to friends and neighbors.

  • 6th Graders (completed) & Up are needed as Junior Counselors and Assistant Counselors, registration help, Leading Preschool lessons, and more.

Food Allergies - If your child has a food allergy, we ask you to provide their daily snack. More details will be available in our final VBS letter.

Cost - $80 per child for full day, or $40 for half day. If you are in a position to make an extra donation to help defray the costs and provide scholarship funds, please add this to your payment. Thanks! If you need scholarship assistance, please contact Gretchen Pierskalla.

Parent Participation - We anticipate having over 100 children here at Crown of Glory during VBS - what a gift!  And we need your help. Therefore, parent participation is strongly encouraged. Parents, grandparents or guardians are asked to share some of their time or talents at least once during the week. There are also many things that need to be done prior to the week of VBS, so working parents will have the opportunity to get involved as well. We appreciate your understanding and willingness to be a part of this program. If you are registering your child, you can indicate your willingness to volunteer on the same form.

Staff Contact

Gretchen Pierskalla, Director of Children’s Ministries
gretchen@crownofglory.org or call 952-448-3230