Shared ministry celebrates the unique gifts and experience each member has to offer and invites those gifts into service; it offers opportunities for ministry that nurture and develop members’ gifts in ways that advance our shared mission and foster our growth as a community and as individuals. CoG has been blessed by the willingness of volunteers to share their time and talents.

How is God calling you to serve the mission of Crown of Glory? Below you will find a list of opportunities for service in our ministry together.

Serving at Crown of Glory

Fifty years ago, a small group of people set out to establish Crown of Glory Lutheran Church. Over the years many people contributed their time, talents, money, prayers, and visions for Crown of Glory and paid it forward to benefit others. The voluntary contributions continue today.  There are a variety of ways (small and large tasks) to get involved. If you are interested in helping “pay it forward,” please reach out to a volunteer leader to learn more and sign up. Thank you. 

If a button does not have a volunteer leader linked, email: crownofglorychaska@gmail.com.