Earworms Reimagined

Do you get earworms? You know that song that plays over and over AND OVER in your head and gets really annoying after a while? Being a musician, I get ear worms all the time. But I’ve learned to pay attention to them. Call it a God-thing, the Holy Spirit trying to get my attention, or just dumb luck, but often a song gets stuck in my head because something about the words and the melody gives me pause, and causes me to think. Our song after Pastor Reggie’s sermon this Sunday is "Let Us Talents and Tongues Employ," ELW #674, a fun earworm. But my earworm is not verse one. It’s verse two: Christ is able to make us one, at the table, he sets the tone, Teaching people to live to bless, love in word and in deed express. Jesus lives again! Earth can breathe again! Pass the Word around! Loaves abound! Take a listen,