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Stewardship Pays in So Many Ways

In Genesis 1:31, “God looked over all He had made, and He saw that it was very good!” This time of year, churches begin their stewardship programs and congregations near and far enjoy inspiring sermons, moving music, delicious meals, and more. These activities help remind us that Christian stewardship refers to the responsibility that we as Christians have in maintaining and using wisely the gifts that God has bestowed. And these financial blessings help keep our church doors open so that we can serve our church members as well as the broader Chaska community.

But stewardship isn't just financial. This month Creation Care has focused on environmental stewardship: protecting and sustaining our environment for future generations. This time of year, I am particularly humbled by God’s creation all around me. Fall colors begin to show their beauty, my vegetable garden harvest is abundant, temperatures are cooler, birds are still singing their tunes to enjoy during a walk—all of which makes me even more appreciative of what God has created. More importantly, it reminds me that even the smallest changes in my daily habits, such as composting and recycling, can make a big difference for the future of our planet.

At Rally Weekend, our Church Council shared many of the ways they help take care of God’s creation too. You can view their personal actions to a more sustainable environment here. Like financial stewardship, environmental stewardship calls all of us to action. When we care for the earth, we care for future generations and show ourselves and all people the beauty of God’s love.


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